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If the United States Bankruptcy Court is going to appoint an impartial bankruptcy trustee for my Chapter 7 case, why do I need to hire a Minneapolis bankruptcy lawyer?

A Chapter 7 bankruptcy trustee is, by definition, impartial. While your bankruptcy trustee should not favor your creditors, nor should your bankruptcy trustee favor you or provide you with legal advice.


A Minneapolis Chapter 7 bankruptcy attorney, however, has a different role in your bankruptcy case. That role begins long before a bankruptcy trustee has been assigned to your case. An experienced bankruptcy lawyer will begin protecting you before a Chapter 7 case is even filed by explaining your different legal options to you and helping you decide how best to protect your financial future. In some cases, that may be by filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy relief, but sometimes other options may be better suited to your needs.


Once a case has been filed, your Minneapolis Chapter 7 bankruptcy lawyer and your bankruptcy trustee will continue to have different roles. The bankruptcy trustee will impartially administer your case, while your bankruptcy attorney will make sure that all of your rights are protected.


Chapter 7 may be your best financial option, but it is not one that should be entered into lightly or without an experienced lawyer on your side. For more information about bankruptcy in Minnesota, please read our FREE book: What You Need to Know About Filing Bankruptcy in Minnesota. We also encourage you to set up a FREE meeting with our Minneapolis bankruptcy law firm by calling 952.388.2942 or 800.619.8991.

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