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My employer is paying my creditors directly from money I earned, and I have not given my employer my permission to do so. They say there is nothing they can do about it, and that if I’m upset I should contact a wage garnishment attorney. Is my employer right?

Your employer is correct in that you should contact a Minneapolis-St. Paul wage garnishment attorney as soon as possible. Likewise, if your employer has been notified of a legal wage garnishment, then he or she is required to comply with it. However, even if your employer cannot prevent the wage garnishment, there may be steps that you and your Minneapolis wage garnishment lawyer can take to protect your rights.

Your lawyer may, for example, be able to negotiate with your creditor and advise you of your different legal options including, but not limited to, bankruptcy. The specific advice that you receive will depend on your financial situation and future goals.

It can be easy to be angry at an employer for withholding your pay from you. However, it is important to remember that it is likely not your employer’s fault and that your frustration may be relieved by contacting a Minneapolis wage garnishment attorney who can help you fight the creditor who is attempting to take your wages before you receive them.

For more information about wage garnishments in Minnesota and what to do about them, we encourage you to contact an experienced Minneapolis-St. Paul wage garnishment lawyer via our online contact form or at 952.388.2942 or 800.619.8991.

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