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My pay is already subject to wage garnishment in Minnesota. Is it too late to contact a Minnesota wage garnishment lawyer?

It is not too late to contact a Minnesota wage garnishment attorney even if your creditors have already garnished your wages. While you might have been able to prevent the wage garnishment or lower the amount that is deducted from your pay had you contacted a lawyer when you first received notice of a garnishment, our Minnesota debt relief lawyers will not judge you for delaying the call and will work hard to get you the relief that you deserve.

Wage garnishment in Minnesota must be conducted according to state law. That means that, among other things:

  • You must be provided with notice of the garnishment.
  • Some of your income may be exempt from garnishment.
  • The total amount that may be taken may be limited.
  • The creditor seeking to garnish your wages must have the legal right to do so.

Your lawyer will look into the terms of your wage garnishment and the rights of the creditor who garnished your wages. If alternatives exist, then your Minnesota debt relief attorney will review those alternatives with you and work hard to limit any garnishment on your wages so you can get the relief you deserve.

For more information, we invite you to contact an experienced Minnesota wage garnishment lawyer at 952.388.2942 or 800.619.8991 to schedule a FREE consultation. Together, we can work toward securing your financial future.

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