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What is the difference between a Chapter 13 bankruptcy dismissal and a Chapter 13 bankruptcy discharge?

While the terms sound similar, there are significant legal and practical differences between Chapter 13 bankruptcy dismissals and Chapter 13 bankruptcy discharges. As a Minneapolis Chapter 13 bankruptcy petitioner, it is important to understand the difference between these two possible ends to your bankruptcy case.


A Chapter 13 bankruptcy dismissal means that the Bankruptcy Court has dismissed, or ended, your case before you achieve a legal discharge. If a dismissal occurs, then your debts have not been legally satisfied and creditors may continue to use legal methods to obtain recoveries.


However, if your Chapter 13 case is discharged, then it means that you have satisfied all of the Chapter 13 bankruptcy requirements. The debts that were at issue in your case are deemed satisfied and those creditors no longer have any valid claims against you.


Given these important differences, it is a Minneapolis bankruptcy discharge that you want. It is bankruptcy discharge, not a bankruptcy dismissal, which will allow you to move forward with your life and take charge of your financial future.


For more information about how to achieve a Chapter 13 bankruptcy discharge and how to avoid a Chapter 13 bankruptcy dismissal, please call an experienced Minneapolis-St. Paul Chapter 13 bankruptcy lawyer today at 952.388.2942 or 1.800.619.8991. We also invite you to download a complimentary copy of our FREE book, What You Need to Know About Filing Bankruptcy in Minnesota, to learn more about bankruptcy protections.

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