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MN Attorney General Concerned About Debt Collection Practices

Posted on May 19, 2012

The actions of many debt collectors are sometimes questioned. However, the actions of certain debt collectors have recently gained the attention of the Minnesota attorney general, according to Medical News Today.

It has been reported that employees of a certain debt collection company have been approaching patients in emergency departments and hospital rooms about unpaid debts. The methods these debt collectors are using to talk to debtors are concerning to the Minnesota attorney general. For example, one medical debt collecting company reports planting debt collectors to pose as emergency room employees. Patients, believing that they were talking to emergency room employees, were allegedly being told that they had to pay their debt or leave the hospital without care. These debt collectors may have breached health care privacy laws by being privy to confidential information that debt collectors are generally not allowed, and they may have breached debt collection laws by not identifying themselves as debt collectors.

The Minnesota attorney general reports that she is working with federal and state agencies to determine what, if any, action will be taken against this debt collection agency because of this alleged breach. The debt collection agency has been identified as Accretive Health. In January 2012 the Minnesota attorney general filed a civil lawsuit against Accretive Health, alleging that the company had violated federal debt collection laws.

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